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The high level of team is an important guarantee for the completion of the company's science and technology projects.The company strengthens the training and introduction of innovative talents,especially the comprehensive talents with the basis of multidisciplinary knowledge and talents with continuous innvovation ability.We establish a high level team of coal chemical industry research and developments through training with high school,domestic and foreign training,scientific research institution and other forms of training talent,and onter variety of forms to attract overseas talent.We have 51 employees,including college degree22,10 technical staff ,7 engineers.

Basic situation of R & D personnel

NONAMELEVELTechnical Fields
1Cao huapengEngineerDevelopment of coal chemical technology products
2Yang xunzhouEngineerNew product technology development
3Kiu baominEngineerChemical instrument and electrical
4Li jianEngineerChemical Engineering