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Customization of special additives for coal

After the user confirms the raw material coal, our technician will communicate with the user engineer to collect the real-time coal sample, make systematic coal quality analysis, the additive performance evaluation and so on. The technician at user’s end can participate in the entire evaluation process in our R&D center, to further understand the various aspects of slurry evaluation, grasp the evaluation method of coal slurry. According to the degree of coalification and industrial analysis of different coal samples, the best additives can be made. After obtaining the coal sample test results and forming the system conclusion, a formal evaluation report shall be issued and the production and use suggestion shall be put forward for users’ reference.

Making technical schemes of coal blending

As we all know, there is no suitable additive for all coal types, and the user's coal sample will change with the coal seam and the blended coal. In this regard, a complete set of coal sample suitability evaluation system has been set up in ChuanNeng chemicals to replace the technological parameters for users in time.

According to the new features (such as coal ash melting point and higher ash content, etc), with reference to our existing database of coal sample coal blending scheme is proposed; based on coal blending scheme, design the   parameters of coal gradation, reduce the consumption of coal grinding equipment to the maximum extent, optimize slurry properties; at the same time analyse hydrophilic functional groups in coal samples by infrared spectroscopy , adjust the ratio of effective functional groups of Osborne’s additive appropriately, custom special additive.

After the above three parameters are obtained, the device operation investigation is carried out in the simulated pulping process line in our R&D Center, and finally a complete pulping optimization scheme is formed.

From collecting coal sample to the proposal of the complete pulping optimization scheme, because the rigorous systematic data is required, and it need to cooperate closely with the users, technicians and our expert team, it takes one or two months.

The trial of production line

A technical director from our technical service team in R&D Center will be appointed to track the whole process, and another one researcher and two laboratory technicians at any time on site to provide the appropriate technical support. These four technical directors participate in the whole trial of production line, and guide the on-site staff to master the use of additives and to make the performance evaluation method of coal slurry after pulping.

The experiment content is:

(1)Use Osborne’s additive to make the coal water slurry

To analyse both the operation of equipment and the result of production of coal slurry in the pulping section, and evaluate the comprehensive properties of CWS.

waste water recovery

We take responsible for the research of coal water slurry gasification process technology and configuration optimization evaluation with Ningxia University in certain Methanol Plant. We make experimental research by using high concentrate organic wastewater and high salinity waste water instead of tap water to form coal slurry in order to provide support programs for gasification device, resource utilization , energy saving and pollution reduction. Through the research achievements of this project, it can provide effective technical reference for the rational utilization of wastewater.